10 steps to make a coffee

This is a 10 step procedure that we will follow.

  1. Pick up a group handle make sure the filter basket is clean us a dry cloth if dirty Dispense coffee into filter basket – Place the group handle under the dosing chamber onto the grinder and pull the lever towards you; or press a button depending if using a single group or double.
  2. Tamp the coffee – Tamp the coffee once, gently tap the side of the holder to even out the coffee and tamp a second time applying greater pressure. Remove excess coffee from around rim of holder.
  3. Run hot water through – Before you lock the group handle into the machine, run water through the heads for 2-3 seconds.
  4. Lock in the group handle – Lock the group handle into the group head, place cup/glass under the group head/handle and activate machine. (30ml espresso should be extracted in 26-30 seconds)
  5. Extract coffee – Press or flick the required button on the machine for a single or double shot of coffee and allow extracting.
  6. Pour cold milk into appropriate size jug and add a thermometer.
  7. Texture milk – while coffee is extracting put the desired amount of milk into the jug. Turn on steam arm and purge excess water build from nozzle before immersing into milk.
  8. Wipe steam arm – Remove the jug and wipe the steam arm with a clean cloth used solely for this purpose.
  9. ‘Roll’ the milk – Once the milk is textured, keep the milk circulating or ‘rolling’ in the jug.  This will stop the milk and froth from separating.
  10. Serve – Pour milk into the cup or glass and serve depending on the coffee style requested.