Extraction rates

Extracting Coffee
1. Begin grinding – When required turn on the grinder. When coffee beans are ground CO2 and other aromas are forced out of the bean and replaced with oxygen. This means that the bean loses flavour and aroma immediately after grinding.
2. Remove group handle from group head - Flush filter basket with hot water being careful not spill water onto floor. Wipe out the filter with a clean dry cloth.
3. Dispense coffee – When dosing chamber is full place desired group handle under dosing chamber. You only have to flick lever once (Manual Grinder) for a single shot (7grams) and twice for two coffee shots (14 grams). Automatic grinders press the one button or two button for the correct dosage. (grams can be more depending on roast and the profile you are after)
4. Tamp coffee – To ensure that the coffee is even tap the side of the filter with your hand or on the bench. With the group handle positioned on the edge of the bench to give you stability, using the manual tamp exert light pressure and press down gently packing the coffee. Don’t tilt from side to side as this will create uneven coffee and will affect extraction.
5. Clean group head and insert handle – Briefly run water through the group head before locking handle into place. This will flush out any dirty water that may have built up from previously made coffees. It also heats the group head up and stabilises the temperature.
6. Monitor water temperature and pump pressure – Every now again observe the pressure gauge as temperature and pressure can vary. The pressure gauge on most machines measure the water tank pressure. It also measures the pressure of water as it’s forced through the espresso. This pressure is essential for creating the crema.
7. Analyse extraction rate - Place and lock in handle in group head and press required button. If the coffee takes longer than five seconds to flow from the filter it will start to burn and you will need to check you’re grinding and dosing. Using a watch time how long it takes to extract 30mls of espresso. It should take between 25-30 seconds. Also observe the coffee as it flows. It should be a deep brownish colour and if it begins to change colour (lighter) then you should stop the extraction and check the grind and dosage.