How do you turn on your coffee machine?

How do you turn on a commercial espresso machine and grinder?

  1. Turn on machine. Usually on a commercial machine a dial will have numbers 0 - 1 - 2 turn knob to 1 let pump work for a few seconds then turn to 2 to start heating.  This will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to reach operating temperature.
  2. Once heated : Press the button on the front of the machine to run water through the group head and check that the water spirals out. This must be completed for each group head.
  3. Lock the group handle into the group head and run approx. 30mls of water through each.  This helps flush out any stagnant water that has been sitting in the pipes overnight. It also heats the group handle which is vital in producing good crema.
  4. Turn on the steam arm to full pressure and release steam for approx 3 seconds. This will expel any condensation build up in the steam wands.
  5. Turn on the water outlet and remove approx. 30ml of water. This ensures that any carbon build up sitting in the pipes is flushed through and that fresh water is now in the boiler.
  6. Fill hopper with fresh beans.
  7. Grind coffee into the dosing chamber.
  8. Check the grind by measuring out a double shot of coffee into a filter basket and making two espresso coffees. Check the extraction rate: it should be 30mls extracted in 26-30 seconds.
  9. Adjust the grind if necessary