Each year, CafeSmart, under the umbrella of StreetSmart, invites the Australian café and hospitality community to raise much-needed funds for small grassroots organisations doing big impact work around homelessness.


During Homelessness Week 2022, 1- 7 August, hundreds of cafes are becoming homelessness advocates by raising awareness about the devastating crisis facing thousands of Australians without a home and encouraging customers to dig deep to help provide vital funding. While also donating $1 per coffee sold on Friday 6 August.


“CafeSmart offers a quick and easy opportunity for customers to provide crucial support to vulnerable people in their area, while also supporting a local café that gives back to its community. It’s a win-win. Visit your local CafeSmart café to purchase a coffee on Friday 5 August, or simply donate the cost of a coffee online, and you will help deliver vital emergency funding to small, local grassroots homeless charities” said Cynthia Mac Caddon, Partnerships Manager, StreetSmart Australia.


Millions of coffees and hot brews have been enjoyed in the history of this event, raising and distributing over $1.6 million to over 1,000 homeless projects across the country.


As the cost-of-living surges, homelessness services are seeing more and more people seeking help and are struggling to meet demand. CafeSmart small community grants are vital for funding the critical, emergency care for vulnerable people at local grassroots services. Funds raised through the event will help marginalised communities, including people experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, poverty, food insecurity and hunger, disability, poor mental and physical health and social isolation.


StreetSmart Australia recently heard from an organisation they support who said “the situation is desperate” for many clients:

Every day we continue to see new people who are experiencing homelessness, some for the first time. Others, who have been in short term accommodation, find themselves having nowhere to stay once again. Women are returning to violence in their home as there is no clear housing pathway allowing them to leave. Housing affordability and housing vacancy numbers are at an all-time low, so many families are living in between cars, family, friends and motels.”


This year Lets Do Coffee Roasters has stepped up and will help raise vital funds for local grassroots charities around Echuca Moama "CafeSmart is such a great opportunity to connect with our customers and join forces for a good cause. The team can’t wait to do it again this year!” – said Daniel Mackrell


To join the fight against homelessness, find your local participating café via the CafeSmart interactive map or donate the cost of a coffee online, visit: